IBM Cognos 8 BI certification exam materials

The IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence certification exam materials on include study guides, Q&A, best practices and tutorials. The following Questions & Answers guide might help in preparation for the Cognos certification process, however it is important to keep in mind that the best preparation for any certification exam is to gain professional experience first and study hard.

The IBM Cognos certification exams may be taken in the Prometric testing centers all over the world. For more details regarding IBM Cognos certification please refer to the IBM Cognos certification pages.

Study guides for the COG-122 (BI0-122): IBM Certified Cognos 8 BI Administrator exam

1. What is the reason for creating a database Signon in Cognos 8
2. How to move an entire Cognos 8 installation from one environment to another

4. How to upgrade Reportnet report specifications and perform consistency check in Cognos Connection?
5. In Cognos Connection, what are the portlets used for Content handling ?
6. What might be a reason for copying a user profile?
7. What is a shortcut and what happens when the target is renamed?
8. What are the IBM Cognos 8 user permissions
9. Mail server configuration
10. How to set up email report distribution in Cognos?
11. What might be a reason for creating a report view by an administrator
12. What is the scope of a package based drill through?
13. How do the components in IBM Cognos 8 architecture communicate?
14. What are the architecture tiers in IBM Cognos 8?
15. IBM Cognos 8 services overview
17. What are the supported application servers by Cognos 8
18. What is the definition of the Application tier
19. How to ensure failover when configuring Content Manager?
20. Cognos Application Firewall configuration to access a report on a remote computer
22. What are gateways in the Cognos Webserver tier?
23. How to disable anonymous access in Cognos 8
24. Why content manager services must be started first in the distributed installation?
25. How does load balancing work in Cognos 8?
28. IBM Cognos 8 environment tuning and optimization tips
30. Audit logging and audit reports in Cognos 8
31. What logging levels are available in IBM Cognos 8?
34. What are Cognos 8 system metrics types?
41. Supported data sources in IBM Cognos 8
51. Concurrent report query execution
52. Integration with an existing web portal
53. Definition and role of a cognos 8 dispatcher
54. Predefined roles in Cognos 8
55. How to schedule reports in Cognos 8?

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