Cognos Series 7 to IBM Cognos 8 BI products comparison

The table below shows the comparison of Cognos 7 and Cognos 8 BI tools and applications. The conclusion is simple: Cognos 8 is a completely different product than Cognos 7.

Products comparison: Cognos Series 7 to IBM Cognos 8 BI
Cognos series 7 IBM Cognos 8 BI Comments
Cognos PowerPlay BI Mobile Analysis (PowerPlay) Desktop Query and Analysis tool
Cognos PowerPlay Web Analysis Studio Web-based multidimensional analysis
PowerPlay Excel IBM Cognos 8 BI Analysis for Microsoft Excel MS Office / Spredsheet integration
Impromptu ReportNet (Report Studio + Query Studio) Reporting
Cognos WebPortal Cognos Connection Web Portal
Visualizer GO! Dashboard / Report Studio Visual dashboards
DecisionStream Data Manager ETL & Data integration tool
PowerPlay Transformer / Impromptu Administrator Framework Manager Modeling framework
Metrics Manager Metrics Studio Scorecarding
Notice cast Event Studio Business activity monitoring
Planning Planning Planning, budgeting, forecasting

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