Cognos solutions FAQ

Cognos 7 and Cognos 8 products problems solutions, best practices and Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Conversion between cognos model file types - How Cognos PowerPlay stores models and cubes and how to convert models between PYH, MDL and PYI formats
  • TR3108 and TR3102 authentication error - Transformer could not load User Class information. Unable to refresh the cognos powerplay cubes or the refreshed cubes cannot be opened in a PowerPlay client.
  • TR1901 arithmetic overflow error - Arithmetic overflow error while refreshing the cognos powerplay cube
  • Error refreshing cognos powerplay cube - Using cognosscript to refresh cubes gives errors number TR0102 and TR0787
  • How to refresh PowerPlay Cubes using CognosScript - Information with examples and a sample application
  • Macros written in CognosScipt - How to run, test and debug macros and how to run them from a system command line
  • What is the default PP Cube layout? - What is the default PowerPlay cube layout and how to adjust it
  • How to access Microsoft SQL Server SSAS 2005 and 2008 cubes in Cognos 8? - shows how to access and explore Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes in Cognos 8 BI - applies to SSAS 2005 and 2008

  • Drill through - What is a Drill Through operation and how it is implemented in cognos