Cognos PowerPlay cubes exploration and report authoring tutorial

The puprose of this guide is to learn Cognos business end-users (managers, analysts, decision makers) to analyze business data and create professional reports efficiently with PowerPlay.

We show how to explore PowerCubes, monitor business performance using PowerPlay, create custom reports and perform individual calculations. You will also discover the benefits of multidimensional OLAP analysis versus traditional two dimensional reporting.

Before starting the tutorial we strongly recommend to read about the concept of multidimensional analysis:
OLAP - Online Analytical Processing, a concept which is the base for multidimensional analysis in Cognos

We use the following sample business data in our tutorials:
Manufacturing company datawarehouse Business Scenario - analysis and reporting systems used by a palm and tropical plants nursery which tracks performance on sales, costs, forecasts using Cognos

Cognos PowerPlay Business reporting guide index:

  • 1. Cognos PowerPlay - PowerPlay fundamentals, components and application development process
  • 2. Drill down - Analyzing powerplay cubes using Drill up and drill down operations
  • 3. Slicing and dicing - Slice & Dice to change dimensions in a PowerPlay cube
  • 4. Explorer vs Reporter - Differences and use of Explorer and Reporter modes in Cognos PowerPlay