Content Store and Framework Manager in Cognos 8

Content Store is a database where the metadata for all the Cognos 8 component is centrally stored. The content store is a relational database that contains data that Cognos 8 needs to operate, such as users’ information, report specifications, published models and also can store reports with the data. The may lead to a point that the database grows in size significantly and that is why it should be monitored by the administrators
Content Store can be Cognos Content Database or a database from a supported third-party vendor (most often it’s Oracle).

The content store can be accessed directly from the Framework Manager.
Framework Manager is a Cognos 8 modeling tool for creating and managing business-related metadata for use in Cognos 8 analysis and reporting. It is a client application to manage metadata which is stored centrally in the Content Store. Framework manager sets up a pointer on where the data is stored and what is the relation between data sources.
The main users of Framework manager are data warehouse developers and data modelers. When creating new reports, report authors base on the metadata information (packages), published with Framework Manager.

Information for Cognos 7 users:
Framework manager has the main features of Impromptu Administrator and acts in the similiar way. Framework Manager can also be considered as an equivalent of Cognos PowerPlay Transformer in the area of metadata management.