IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio report types

There are a few types of reports available in Report Studio:

  • Blank - completely customizable, a blank report lets users create a report using any of the report objects that are available in Report Studio
  • List report lists data in rows and columns, where columns typically contain data items but may also contain a variety of layout objects, such as images or URL's. It is usually used when reporting transaction or definition details, such as customer lists and invoice lines.
  • Crosstab report shows data in rows and columns in a pivot table fashion. The values at the intersection points of rows and columns are calculated and provide summarized information, such as sum, average, standard deviation, percentile, etc. Crosstabs are useful for displaying large amounts of precise data in a tabular, summarized format.
  • Map - this type of reports present data geographically. For instance, map charts can be used to depict level of revenue generated by divisions across the world.
  • Chart reports that visualize data graphically. There is a large number of chart types available in Cognos 8. Charts are useful for identifying relationships between items, comparing data and understanding trends.
  • Financial - a template for creating such financial reports as Profit/Loss statements, customer profitability and balance sheets.