Drill Through

Drill through is an operation which makes it possible to move from one report to another using the same analysis context. Its main objective is to access additional information from an another linked report or powercube and expand the scope of the data available for analysis.
The idea behind drill through is to apply filters chosen in a cube or report to an another cube or report with a set of parameters. The target report needs to be able to apply the corresponding parametrized filters specified in a source report (unrecognized parameters are discarded).

Drill-through business example
Analysis of a cube indicates that a sales revenue figure for Spain is much lower than expected. An analyst may want to get into more details and make sure that the figure is correct and thus see the figure with the same parameters in a different context in a different cube or report. This operation is called drill-through.

It is possible to drill through from PowerPlay to:

  • other PowerCubes
  • PowerPlay reports
  • Cognos 8 applications and Cognos Impromptu report
  • CognosScript macro files
  • Microsoft Office files(doc, xls, ppt)