Cognos PowerPlay Transformer Tutorial

This tutorial is based on a typical business scenario to facilitate the learning process. It is described in more detail here:
Business Scenario - a palm and tropical plants nursery which implements Cognos as an analysis and reporting platform which monitors performance on sales, costs and forecasts.

Cognos PowerPlay Transformer Guide for data warehouse developers

  • 1. Transformer overview - Introduction to PowerPlay Transformer with the components overview and application development process definition
  • 2. Data Sources in Transformer - Connecting to various Data Sources with PowerPlay Transformer
  • 3. Time dimension - Time dimension in Cognos PowerPlay Transformer
  • 4. Customer dimensions - Create dimensions in Cognos PowerPlay Transformer tutorial model
  • 5. Products dimensions - Create dimensions for Products in the tutorial model
  • 6. Define Measures - Define measures in the tutorial model and create the PowerCube
  • 7. Measures allocation - A technique that makes it possible to analyze and compare data grouped on a different detail level
  • Drill through in Cognos - Example of a Drill Through report browsing in Cognos PowerPlay
  • IBM Cognos 8 BI tutorial

  • Cognos 8 BI installation guide - Cognos 8 BI installation and getting started guide
  • Framework manager and Content Store in Cognos 8 - The concept of Cognos content store and an overview of data warehouse metadata modeling with framework manager. The article shows how was the area handled in previous versions of cognos
  • Cognos Office Connection - overview of a Cognos Office Connection (Cognos Go! Office) application which allows to select Cognos information from Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Report types in Report Studio - - an analysis of types of reports available in IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio