Cognos Office Connection

Cognos Go! Office is a replacement for Cognos Office Connection (included in IBM Cognos BI starting from version 8.3).
Cognos Office Connection is an application which allows users select Cognos information in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. The Cognos objects that can be embedded into Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations are such report components as tables, charts, graphics. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations which implement Office Connection components can be saved locally, published to Cognos Connection portal or downloaded from the Cognos Connection portal.


Cognos Office Connection can be installed locally as an add-in on a user's pc. After a successful installation, the Cognos Office Connection components appear when a new spreadsheet or presentation is created.
Other option to install Cognos Office Connection is to have it installed in a central location (web site), using a smart client (a file is downloaded from the server to the local machine and no client installation is needed). Smart client deployment is available for Microsoft Excel (professional edition).

Microsoft Office versions supported by Cognos Office Connection:

  • Microsoft Office XP
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Standard and Professional
  • Microsoft Office 2007

  • Once the Cognos Office Connection is set up correctly, users log on with their normal Cognos 8 BI logon credentials (login and password) and when logged on, the folders and reports appear in the Cognos Action Pane and the Cognos Office Connection features are ready to use.